Welcome to Yombo; home and business automation software.
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Open Source

Our automation software is open source – feel free to enhance.


Open framework system allows anyone to create modules to extend the capabilities of the system. Read More

Vendor Agnostic

Yombo has no ties or affiliation with any vendor or automation protocol. Anyone is welcome, and encouraged, to add support for any protocol using modules.

Runs Nearly Everywhere

Designed to run on light footprint devices – Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, and more. Get started today!

Private Beta

Yombo automation software is currently in private beta as we build automation modules for various systems. This includes support for Insteon, Z-Wave, Nest thermostats, media centers, garage doors, gate controls, and sprinkler systems. Read More

Public Beta

We plan to go into public beta in late 2017. Sign up below to be notified. We promise not to spam you or overwhelm you with lots of mail (can always cancel later).