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Blog entries provide further insight into the Yombo ecosystem, learn about new features, or automation ideas. This is a brand new blog, so, please be gentle.

  • V 0.24.0 will bring many changes (11 March, 2019) - The gateway and backend software is receiving a large update to conform to various standards and assist in providing a better user experience.
  • Yombo 0.23.0 released (02 November, 2018) - Yombo gateway 0.23.0 brings new intents library to handle voice processing, focused on gateway usage stabilization, reporting, and usability.
  • Yombo 0.22.0 released (21 September, 2018) - Yombo gateway 0.22.0 release brings 3 new libraries, new features, and many fixes.
  • Some website love (20 August, 2018) - The website is undergoing some changes and more documentation.

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