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November 02, 2018



The intents library (still work in progress) will replace the old voice commands library to handle all processed speech to text input. The goal is to interface with alexa, google home, and other voice to text processes to generate actions, such as controlling devices.

For a full list of changes, breaking changes, fixes, and more see the release notes.

New features

  • Lots of work on the permission system, including ability to add/delete permissions from user defined roles.
  • More debug items: crontabs
  • New filewriter utility makes it easier to write files in a thread-safe/non-blocking manor.
  • Add counters to various tabs to make it easier to find tabs with content.
  • Optimize events results in the web interface and API.

Breaking changes

  • Standardize the authentication system across users, web seessions, auth keys, or anything else that can act as an auth type item.
  • The file reader will automatically start reading data when created.
  • No longer use SHA3, only use SHA2.


  • Removed 'enable-optimizations' when compiling python. This was taking entirely too long on low power devices without much benefit.

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