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March 11, 2019

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Over the last few months the backend software, including the APIs for both API.Yombo.Net and the Gateway API have been completely revamped to conform to the JSON API format. This allows better interaction using various helper libraries that supports the JSON API standard.


The APIs for both the gateway and the cloud have both been converted to use the JSON API standard. Currently, the documentation is out of date and will be replaced once 0.24.0 gets closer to being released. As an additional benefit, there are many client implementations for JSON API that allows for quick and easy interactions with either API.

Frontend web interface

The web interface for the gateway is undergoing a complete revamp to use Vue framework as a single page application. The base Vue frontend application will be released with 0.24.0, while a more complete version will come in 0.25.0.

Single sign-on

No more entering your passwords and pin codes into the web interface for each gateway you wish to manage or connect to. All login requests are now directed to for authentication and authorization. A token will be sent to the gateway through the web browser to allow seamless login. The prevents the user credentials being made available to the gateway itself and provides a more seamless interaction between many gateways.

Library changes

Some changes to various libraries were needed in order to support these new features:

  • webinterface: This library now has a basic few pages for gateway setup and configuration. After that, all interactions will take place through the vue application. Additionally, the routes to support the devtool operations have been removed as this is now handled directly between the frontend application and Yombo's API.
  • requests: Returns an object to easily get detailed information about the request and response. The requests library attempts to automatically convert JSON responses to a dictionary.
  • yomboapi: Changes to allow parsing JSON API responses from Yombo cloud.

Estimated release date

End of March, early May 2019.

This page was last edited on 11 March 2019.