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If Alexa was working, but now responds commands with something like "Device is not responding", you simply need to update the devices.

Update Alexa

Enabling SPI support does take a few steps, but it's not difficult.

  1. Either restart the gateway, or navigate to "Module Settings", select "Amazon Alexa". Scroll down and click on "Update Alexa"
  2. Wait 15 seconds for the new device list to generated and sent to Yombo which will be made available to Amazon's Alexa.
  3. Tell Alexa to scan for new devies: Alexa scan for new devices

Further discussion

The Alexa module will automatically push updates to Yombo about every 12 hours. Alexa will periodically ask for updated devices list without having to perform these steps, which allows for auto-correction - given enough time.

This page was last edited on 17 October 2018.