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This article reviews backing up your configuration data using the web interface.

A configuration backup should be performed after the initial setup is complete. This allows for quick recovery of the gateway configuration and GPG encryption keys. Devices configured and modules installed are stored in the cloud and are not included in the backups, but their configuration data may be usable without a backup.

Some configuration items are encrypted for security; without a complete backup, the gateway will be unable to decrypt previously configured items that we were encrypted. Yombo servers do not have access or do they store your GPG private key.

Backup Types

There are two backup types:

  1. Configuration
    • The configuration backup should be completed after the gateway is first setup or after configuration changes take place. Not all configuration items are saved to the Yombo cloud.
  2. Database
    • Downloads a copy of the active database. This allows you to quickly restore statistics and device history.
Creating backups.

Creating backups

To protect the configuration data, including GPG keys, it's highly recommended to password protect the backup.

To create configuration a backup:

  1. Open the gateway's web interface.
  2. From the main menu, select 'System'.
  3. Select 'Backup'.
  4. Enter a password to protect the backup. This password cannot be recovered and is required to restore the backup.
  5. Click on "Download encrypted backup"

To create a database backup:

  1. Open the gateway's web interface.
  2. From the main menu, select 'System'.
  3. Select 'Backup'.
  4. Click on "Download Database"

What's included

The backups include various items that are not backed up to the Yombo cloud for security/privacy reasons.

Gateway configurations

The gateway configurations are stored locally and are not recoverable from the Yombo cloud. This includes latitude/longitude, security settings, and various other system settings. A backup should be performed after making changes to the gateway configuration. This does not include changes to devices or modules; which are stored in the Yombo cloud.


Some data within the gateway is encrypted using a locally created GPG private/public key pair. The private key is used to decrypt sensitive data and is only available on the local gateway and is not stored in the cloud.

Not included

Some data is not included in the configuration backup.

Database file

The database file stores device history and statistics information. This should be periodically downloaded as a separate download.

Devices and modules

Device and module configurations are stored in the Yombo cloud. Changes to these items won't be reflected in a configuration backup and do not require a fresh configuration backup download.

This page was last edited on 14 September 2018.