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Getting starting with Raspberry PI devices is simple when using our images based on Raspbian Stretch using PiBakery software on your Windows or MacOS machine. We are working on an installer for Linux, in the mean time, you can just burn the image directly to an SD card.


Currently, the latest full size Raspberry Pi is version 3 B+, while the latest gum stick size is the Raspberry Pi Zero W (adds WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 for $5 more). If you are just starting out and have no hardware, see our Raspberry Pi hardware recommendations. In short, use the RPi 3 B+ for a primary gateway, and Raspberry Pi Zero W's for any member nodes (see clustering for details on multiple gateway installations).

About the image

The current Yombian build is based on Raspbian Stretch Lite. This image has some slight modifications to speed up installation of the Yombo Gateway. Some of the bloatware is removed and additional python libraries and components are installed. The Yombo Gateway software is pre-installed, but will be updated during setup.


For Raspberrry PI, there are two methods to get running:

  • PiBakery - For Windows and MacOS users, use PiBakery to quickly configure your WiFi and hostname.
    • We love linux too, but we are working on getting an easy to use PiBakery distribution ready.
  • Download and use the image used by PiBakery to get setup quickly.