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Yombo Gateway can easily be installed directly from the source code on Debian/Ubuntu based systems.


There's a much easier way to setup the gateway on Debian and Ubuntu systems: Quick Start for Debian/Ubuntu

Lets do it

  • Download the yombo-gateway repository:

Open a new command prompt as the user who should own the service, then:

sudo apt install git -y
cd ~
git clone https://github.com/yombo/yombo-gateway.git
cd yombo-gateway/scripts
sudo ./yombo_install

Currently Debian and Ubuntu systems are supported. More Linux based operating systems can be supported, just copy the helper scripts and update it for the specific OS. Once you're complete, please consider consider making a pull request.

Start it up

Once the setup script completes, you must exit the current terminal and restart it. Aliases were added to .bashrc to setup pyenv. Then:

ybo start

Next steps

Now that installation is done, get running quickly using the Setup Wizard.