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Hook name _sslcerts_
Status Active
Hook source type Library
Stop on exception No
Commonly used No
Implemented by sslcerts


Called on startup to get any required SSL/TLS certificates.


Modules and libraries can request signed SSL/TLS certificates for their own use. This hook will generate a new cert key and request that it get signed by Letsencrypt.


No arguments are sent.



  • cn - (String) Domain name to be requested. For example, if you the gateway domain is "example.yombo.me", simply request a cn of "www". This will results in domain name of "www.example.yombo.me".
  • sans - (List) If multiple subdomains are desired, add any additional domain names. Same processing as 'cn' above.


  • callback or update_callback - (Reference to a function) To be called whenever an updated certificate is available.
  • callback_type - Not implemented yet.
  • callback_component - Not implemented yet.
  • callback_function - Not implemented yet.

This page was last edited on 15 September 2018.