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Hook name _time_event_
Status Active
Hook source type Library
Stop on exception No
Commonly used Yes
Implemented by times


The Times library lets the system know when sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn, or twilight is. Will trigger system events when these start or stop.


Called whenever one of the predefined states that this library manages is changed. This is in addition to the hooks called when a states change.


  • value - One of:
    • now_moonset
    • now_moonrise
    • now_dark - It's no long light or twilight.
    • now_light - When either the sun is visible or it's twilight.
    • now_night - When the sun is above the horizon.
    • now_day - When the sun is below the horizon.
    • now_twilight - When the sun is about to rise, but not above the horizon, or when the sun has set, but still light outside.
    • now_not_twilight
    • now_dawn - When the sun is about the rise, but still below horizon.
    • now_not_dawn
    • now_dusk - Sun has set, but still light outside
    • now_not_dusk



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