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Controlling automation devices is simple. There are also multiple methods to do so, which allows great flexibility to work within nearly any environment.

Summary of methods to control devices:

  • Within a module, you can quickly control a device with one line:
    • self.Devices['bedroom_table_lamp'].command(cmd='off')
  • Use the local gateway's api:
    • curl[not_before]=120&inputs[brightness]=60
      • This will also accept device id and command id.
  • Use YomboBot and Log Reader modules
    • echo "bedroom table lamp off" >> /somepath/somefile.reader
  • Use main Yombo API
    • curl[brightness]=60
      • You'll have to use the unique device id, which can be found through the Web Interface.
      • This will also accept a command ID instead of the command name.

Dive deeper

Control within a module

Mostly commonly, devices will be controlled within a module based on automation rules. Things like "turn on the porch light at dusk and turn off at midnight." The follow code shows several ways to handle this:

# First, lets get a device:
table_lamp = self._Devices['bedroom_table_lamp']
# then turn it off
# and back on again in 60 seconds
table_lamp.command(cmd='on', delay=60)

# The above is useful when doing many tasks with a device, however, can it be shortened to:

# Get devices by a specific device type:
10_appliances ='x10_appliance')  # Can also search on any device attribute

# Now lets turn off all the x10 appliances that we have.
for appliance in allX10Lamps:

How do we know when it's dusk? You can keep asking the Times library (which is fine on startup, but not during run-time). can reveal if it's dusk right now or not, but lets used the hook system.

The _time_event_ or _state_set_ hooks can be used to receive notifications of various things. In this example, we will use the _time_event_ hook.

def _time_event_(self, **kwargs):

    # now_twilight_start, now_night, now_day, now_dusk_start
    event = kwargs['value']
    if event == "now_dusk_start":
        # now, lets turn off the light at 10pm, but incase we
        # turning it on after 10pm, it shouldn't be on more than
        # 14400 seconds (4 hours).
        off_time = self._Times.get_next_time('10pm', max=14400)
        self.Devices['house_porch_light_on'].command(cmd='off', not_before=off_time)

    # incase it's on for some reason and the sun rises
    if event == "now_dusk_stop":

Local API

The gateway includes local API which can perform many functions. Our examples will demonstrate controlling devices from the command prompt of a linux machine, however, the same results can be duplicated using a browser, PHP, Python, etc.

The following demonstrates turning on the bedroom table lamp in 120 seconds from now and sets it to 60%


Existing modules

To be completed.

Yombo API

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This page was last edited on 28 April 2019.