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Take control

Using automation and security products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and frees your mind from wondering if the garage door is closed. Let Yombo be the center point of your automation system as it can integrate various protocols and control systems to create a seamless environment. Solutions for home and business automation exist for every budget.



Use Let’s Encrypt certificates to securely access your automation system. Certificates are created and renewed by the gateway automatically.


Modules extend the capabilities of the Yombo Gateway. The framework allows all skill levels to quickly create advanced automation rules, add new automation protocols, or even share logic modules such as managing garage doors.

Internet of Things - IoT

Support for various Internet of Things (IoT) is possible through tight integration with light weight protocols such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT).


Passwords and sensitive data is encrypted using GPG. This also allow remote devices and services to encrypt data only for the target gateway. Only the gateway has the private key needed to decrypt this data.

Automation Rules

Automation rules allow users to quickly create powerful rules. Easily create rules/events to trigger at dawn, dusk, or if the garage door being left open too long.


Jinja2 Templating is supported which allows users to quickly create advanced automation tasks without the need to create modules. These can be used in scenes and modules.


Hooks allow users to quickly implement advanced features in custom modules and is one of the most powerful features of the Yombo Gateway.

Dynamic DNS

Customize how you access your network or automation system using our automated dynamic DNS system. Combined with Let’s Encrypt, you can be sure that any connections are encrypted.

3rd Party Support

Our servers support 3rd party interactions, such as with Amazon Alexa. We can work with any vendor to extend capabilities with our servers.

Automation Protocols

Automation protocols are implemented as modules. See modules available for a compiled list of protocols (to be completed).


States represent current information about a various systems such as HVAC, sprinklers, etc. States also represent the current environment such as: is it raining, is it dark outside, when is sunrise, when is it dawn. This information can be used in automation rules and modules.


Automation scenes can be quickly created using web based point and click. Simple scenes can be created to quickly control your environment. Advances scenes can be created using Jinja2 templates.


Periodic events, or activities, are scheduled using the cron library. Currently, these can only be implemented within a module.


Supports routing notifications on various events. For example, route garage door left open message to your phone, while front door was opened can be sent as a tweet to Twitter (hopefully to a private feed).

Additional Features

  • Atoms – Provide static bits of information about the system that is accessible to rules and modules.
  • AMQP – Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) support allows modules to easily connect to AQMP brokers.
  • Local API – Separate from our primary API, each gateway has it’s own local API that local applications, scripts, or system events can access to perform actions or get the status of devices.
  • Statistics – Statistics regarding your device history, energy used or produced, hours of daylight vs night time, can all be tracked and reviewed.
  • Internationalization - Supports internationalization and localization.