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Atoms provide non-changing information about the environment the gateway is running in as well as about the Yombo Gateway software. Atoms are generally immutable and should only change in rare instances.

Atoms can only be viewed and not changed. States are used for items that change, such as if it's light or dark outside.


Here are some atom examples and their values:

  • os.family = Linux
  • python.version = 3.6.6
  • cpu.count = 12
  • working_dir = /home/mitch/.yombo
  • mem.sizing = xx_large

Use cases

Atoms are used inside automation rules as well as inside modules that need to lookup various bits of information about the core system. For example, it might use the memory sizing atom to determine how many items it should store in memory, or the working directory to store files in.

Viewing Atoms

View Atoms using the web interface.

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