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Modules extend the capabilities of the Yombo gateway. This can include logic module such as how to manage garage doors, or protocol modules such as how to communicate with Z-Wave or X10. Yombo provide the foundation framework to be expanded to do nearly anything. By itself, Yombo Gateway doesn't do very much, but through modules, the possibilities are endless. The primary reasons why people develop modules:

  • Create advanced automation rules and conditions.
  • Create logic module to solve common problems, such turning on the HVAC when alarm system is disarmed.
  • Expand the capabilities of the gateway, such as adding support for an automation protocol.

The modules are written in python, but don't let that have you running. Turning on a light when the system starts and turning off a light when a system stops can be completed in 4 lines of code:

    def _start_(self):
        self.Devices['automation status light'].do_command('on') # turn a light on
    def _stop_(self):
        self.Devices['automation status light'].do_command('off') # turn a light off</pre>

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