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Available Modules

For explanation, see: Features: Modules

Amazon Alexa

Easily make all Yombo connected devices and scenes available and controllable through Amazon Alexa devices and applications.

Android IP WebCam

Utilize the Android IP Webcam app to record images and act as a motion and audio sensor. Use the sensors to save images when triggered.

Bluetooth Presence

Uses various Bluetooth receivers to track the location of a device within a building. Requires the Presence module to function.

Device To File

This simple module writes all device commands to a text file. Used primarily for testing and development.

Garage Door

This Yombo module makes 'dumb' garages into smart ones by adding logic to control a garage door (or devices that act like garage doors).


Bring Yombo devices to Apple HomeKit. This emulates Apple HomeKit by using Homebridge (3rd party) software.


Adds support for Homevision and Homevision Pro automation systems to Yombo. Support X10, relays, sensors, and other items.

Insteon API

A Yombo command module module that adds support for Insteon products. This module is required if Insteon products are used.

Insteon PLM

A Yombo Module that adds support for sending Insteon commands to the power lines through a USB or serial port. An Insteon API module is required.

Log Reader

This module extends the capabilities of the Yombo Gateway by adding the ability to monitor a text file for device commands.

Log Writer

A demonstration module that adds basic ability to send events to a log file. This can be used as a foundation for more advanced modules.


This module provides support for interacting with NEST thermostats to the Yombo gateway. Allows quick setup of a NEST thermostat within the Yombo Gateway.


Provides new phone devices and can be used by other modules to send alerts to as well receiving commands from.

Phone Bandwidth

Allows Yombo gateway to communicate with phones using An account is required at to work.

PiFace Digital

Add support for PiFace Digital boards for Yombo. Yombo must be running on a Raspberry PI with a Pi Face Digital 1 or 2 board attached.


Tracks devices to determine their location in relation to a gateway location. This module only provides a framework.

Raspberry PI 1Wire Thermostats

Monitors and tracks multiple one wire thermostats over time. Currently, only supports Raspberry PI devices.

Raspberry Pi GPIO

Provides basic input / output interface to Raspberry PI GPIO pins. Allows pin change monitoring and output level control.


Provides support for WiFi switches that were setup and controlled through the Jinvoo Android/IOS app.


Wemo devices such as lights, switches, and sensors will be autodiscovered and add as an available Yombo controlled device.


A Yombo command module module that adds support for X10 products. This module is required if X10 products are used.


Z-Wave module allows discovery and control of Z-Wave compatible products. Uses OpenZWave for the backend protocol.